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  • Top Quality Machine

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    Coconut Shell Charcoal Plant Machinery Manufacturers in India

    Micro Fab Engineers are the leading Coconut shell charcoal manufacturing plant in India at an affordable cost. We manufacture completely involuntary coconut shell charcoal making machines for all coconut operations such as activated carbon, coconut oil, charcoal from coconut can be prepared under the help of heat produces from the charcoal machine. With enhanced industrial knowledge, Micro Fab Engineers have been able to provide one of the high quality best charcoal making machine manufacturer.

    We also give needed features such as long-lasting services, easy installation, proper timing for delivery to our customers. We provide all in one solution for all your necessary requirements which includes coconut shell plant machinery, any time quality service for machine and supports customer to solve their queries 24*7.

    Our machinery is manufactured with the latest technology with durable, reliable, and quality-tested products under the supervision of our experts.
    Our Charcoal Plant is Coconut Shell based plant, in this set up we will provide like

    • Bucket elevator
    • Control panel with VFD
    • Carbonization chamber & Charcoal container
    • Reactor pre heating chamber & chimney
    • Filters & Scruppers
    • Gas & oil container
    • Feeding & Discharge Assembly unit
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    coconut shell charcoal plant machine manufacturers

    Best Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturing Machine

    coconut shell charcoal making machine in Coimbatore, India
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    Choose us! We produce charcoal manufacturing plant machineries in India

    Coconut shell charcoal machine is basically needed to raise your production, for this we Micro Fab Engineers will help you. Just contact us and buy our extraordinary quality coconut shell activated carbon machinery from verified manufacturers at an affordable budget.

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    coconut shell charcoal plant machine manufacturers
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    Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturing Machine in India

    Production Capacity: 500 kg

    Fully automatic & continuous charcoal machine is purposely made for large-scale businesses. In our coconut shell charcoal manufacturing machine, the charcoal is continuously fed and discharged at the same time. If you want a large capacity charcoal manufacturing plant, you can choose the Micro Fab Engineers high efficient machines. If you want to choose the best one, look at the distinctive features, highlights, and specs listed below. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a complete price list.

    Specification of Charcoal Production Machine

    Description Details
    Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
    Brand Micro Fab Engineers
    Automation Grade Fully automatic
    Raw Material Processed Coconut shell
    Phase 3 Phase
    Production Capacity 10 Ton/24 Hrs
    Power Consumption 37 HP
    Country of origin Made in India
    Material of construction Mild steel
    Yield 30 – 33 % (max)
    Power Needed 40 HP
    Size 16 ft. width x 40 ft. length x 20 ft. height
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    As we are the leading company, we produce and supply the coconut shell charcoal manufacturing machines in the market, our product are well-believed by our clients. Our charcoal equipment is praised for its consistent performance, ease of operation, and long life. It comes in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of the client. We are the best coconut shell charcoal plant machine manufacturers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

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    Highlights of Our Coconut Shell Charcoal Plant

    Micro Fab Engineers has been dedicated to research and development for several years as a dependable coconut shell charcoal machine manufacturer in India. Our mission is to provide all customers with a high-efficiency, long-lasting equipment. Our product engineers are working hard to develop new designs for future upgrades. The upgrade spare parts would then be installed in the machine. Micro Fab Engineers has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, below are the four key benefits of choosing Micro Fab Engineers Charcoal manufacturing Machine.

    Buy Coconut Shell Charcoal Plant Machinery Manufacturers at Low Cost in India

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    Leading Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine Suppliers in India

    Micro Fab Engineers is a reliable coconut shell charcoal machine manufacturer, supplier, and service providing company, deals with all kinds of services and delivers a wide range of machinery at reasonable prices.  We are engaged in providing quality coconut shell charcoal processing machines and are committed to supplying all across India.  The complete manufacturing process is examined by quality control experts to ensure the machines are made compatible with all specifications. It is easy to operate, so anyone can run our machine without any experience. This is a top-quality machine developed in India indigenously to continuously produce charcoal from coconut shells. It is completely power-driven setup machinery. This machine is designed to recover the heat generated during charcoal production and use it for various heating or drying applications. Feel free to contact us anytime and know our special price.

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      Process of Coconut Shell Charcoal Manufacturing Plant in India

      Micro Fab Engineers Coconut shell charcoal plant machine in India, applies advanced technologies of biomass pyrolysis and carbonization to the charcoal manufacturing process.

      shell charcoal plant machinery manufacturers in india

      Special Features of Our Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

      Professional Service

      High Quality

      Professional Service


      Professional Service

      Energy Saving

      Professional Service

      Continuous Working

      Professional Service

      Affordable Price

      Professional Service

      Huge production

      Professional Service

      Consumer-Friendly Design

      Professional Service

      Prolonged Life

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      Why choose Micro Fab Engineers?

      • We provide the best Coconut shell Charcoal Making Machine in Coimbatore, India since 2014 at Famous Industrial Corridors.
      • We make coconut shell charcoal plant machinery to reduce pollution and to make the food in an organic manner under the guidance of our CEO Mr. K. S. Pandian.
      • We Micro Fab Engineers are one of the top Coconut Shell Charcoal Plant Manufacturers in India are of standard quality at an affordable price.
      • We are the one-stop solution, no matter where you are, we are located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India supplying spare parts, new machines, and services all over India on time.
      • Providing 100% Customer Satisfaction using High-Grade Materials for all Components with Standard Electric Safety in all our Machinery.

      Our Additional Quality Products

      High Quality

      High Quality

      Low Cost

      Low Cost

      Years of Experience

      Years of Experience

      Professional Services

      Professional Service

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      Why Choose Our Charcoal Making Machine

      Affordable Cost

      Affordable Pricing

      As leading coconut shell charcoal machinery manufacturers in India, We supply best quality machine with high efficiency. Buy our cost-effective machines with excellent features and latest technology.

      High Production Machine

      High Production Machines

      We use verified materials to manufacture our coconut shell charcoal plant machine to get high productivity. Our team ensure that machines are in high efficiency to deliver excellent function.


      100% Customer Support

      Our research & development team is well knowledgeable in manufacturing top quality machines. We do our best work with complete customer satisfaction by providing guaranteed services.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our top quality charcoal making machine price is approximately Rs 45 lakhs/ piece.

      As we are leading shell charcoal plant machinery manufacturers in India at an affordable price buy our equipment to get high productivity and large efficiency.

      We are ready to show live demo of machine with manufacturing process of the product. Our skilled technicians will help you at any time at your place.

      The charcoal is usually manufactured by fully matured coconut shells.

      Micro Fab Engineers offers a one-stop solution for your problem. As we are high quality coconut shell charcoal plant machinery manufacturers, provide quality spare parts, customer friendly repair & services and other services.

      Simple ways to contact us for sell coconut charcoal machine orders or services at +91 9944312184 or drop a text using online free quote form.

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