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  • Hassle-Free Services
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    Activated Carbon Plant Machinery Manufacturers in India

    Micro Fab Engineers are the premium quality activated carbon making machine in India at a cost-effective price with outstanding features. Our machinery is manufactured with the latest technology, and we provide one-stop solutions for all your needs. With more than 10+ years of experience and knowledge in manufacturing industry, we are dedicated in providing the best activated carbon manufacturing machinery in India with exceptional features.

    Also, high quality and technical activated carbon rotary kilns are manufactured and supplied all over India. With us you can also grab the technical experts advice for machinery installation and production of activated carbon. Our machinery reduces cost and risk and enables manufacturing. An innovation enabled by the Micro Fab Engineers result in affordable price, increased production & consumes less energy.

    • Our technicians are ready for a live demo show and guide you with the specific working conditions in case of any difficulties.
    • Boost your production of activated carbon through our high speed activated carbon manufacturing machine.
    • We are Pollution-free activated carbon making machine suppliers in India as per the guidelines.
    • Our team of professionals will help our clients to perform the machine operations systematically.
    • Customer satisfaction is our main priority; we provide 24*7 customer service in your workspace.
    Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant

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    Activated Carbon Production Equipment

    Process Involved in Activated Carbon Making Machine

    Activated Carbon Plant Machinery Manufacturers India


    In this pre-activation process, the charcoal to be sizing and sorting before goes in to rotary kiln by machine

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    In this we can convert the charcoal in to activated carbon by using rotary kiln. The steam generated in an external boiler.

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    Activated Carbon Machine Manufacturers in India


    After activation, the activated carbon to be sizing and sorting before goes in to packing by using post activation machine.

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    Activated Carbon Rotary kiln Plant in India

    We, Micro Fab Engineers are a leading activated carbon rotary kiln plant manufacturers in India which are a high-speed conversion of the perfectly matched end products in one continuous operation. Our fully automatic rotary kiln plant can be used for making coconut-based activated carbon from the raw material of coconut shell, jute stick, and etc. Our advanced carbon making machine manufacturers designed it with PLC control for the perfectly matched size & width. The activated carbon rotary kiln plant uses high-speed conversion to create up to 60 tonnes of product. As we are a direct manufacturer, we can offer you at best price as possible. Do you need to know the activated carbon plant cost in India? Simply submit a request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible with effective and timely delivery.

    Activated Carbon Plant Cost in India
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    Product Specifications

    Description Details
    Capacity 3-60 Ton
    Process steam
    Firing Method Direct firing
    Pre Heaters Gas-suspension
    Driven Type Electric
    Design Type Standard
    Voltage Required 220-240V
    Country of origin Made in India
    Brand Micro Fab Engineers
    What Makes Us Different?

    Manufacturer’s high end manufacturing services are a perfect complement in today’s high tech industries. The manufacturing of industrial equipment requires a broad understanding of processes.

    • Trusted Manufacturers

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    • 10+ Years Experience

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    Outstanding Features of Our Machines
    • Latest Technology

    • Maintenance & Repair Facility, with Minimum Down Time

    • Post Warranty Repair at an Affordable Price

    • Product Upgradability

    • Low Operating Costs

    • Free Installation

    • Reputed Manufacturer

    • Reduces Delays and Damages

    Best Activated Carbon Machine Manufacturers in India at low price

    We always bring top quality products with 100% safety measures

    We can provide you the greatest pricing since we produce the machines by ourselves. Machinery plays a vital role in the growth of your business and so it has to be as efficient and productive as possible to help you achieve. We deliver activated carbon making machine in India on time, no matter where your manufacturing unit is located.

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    Why Micro Fab?

    “The Value We Create”

    Micro Fab Engineers is the Top activated carbon machine manufacturers in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, since 2010. We produce all the machinery to reduce the pollution of our world and has reached an immense growth under the guidance of our mentor, the CEO Mr. K. S. Pandian. We engage with clients at every stage of a product’s life-cycle to understand and analyze trends to predict future demand and deliver a better client experience.

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    Leading Activated Carbon Rotary kiln Plant Manufacturer in India

    Leading Activated Carbon Rotary kiln Plant Manufacturer in India

    The activated carbon rotary kiln plants in India from Micro Fab Engineers are manufactured according to the client’s desired requirements. With an immense growth in this machinery manufacturing industry, we are excellent Activated Carbon Rotary Kiln Plant Manufacturers delivering at market leading prices. Our products are highly renowned for its durability, efficiency and enduring nature. The installation is simple and acquires low cost of maintenance.

    We are well-known manufacturers and suppliers of activated carbon manufacturing plant in India, for making high quality activated charcoal that is used in various purposes. If you searching for the activated carbon plant Machinery in India affordably with high efficiency, you can rely on us! Please do not hesitate to contact us  at any time to obtain our most recent rates.

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    Specification for Coconut Based Activated Carbon Machine

    Activated Carbon Plant Manufacturers in India
    Activated carbon rotary kiln plant manufacturer in india
    Product Identification Granular Activated Carbon Coconut Shell (GAC)
    Material Base 100 % PURE Coconut Shell
    Material Type Granular
    Iodine Number 600 – 1200 IDV mg/g
    Activation Method Steam , Air / Thermal
    Sizes 4×8,12×40,8×30 ,8×16 (As per requirement)
    Hardness 90- 98 %
    Moisture content 5-8 %
    Ash Content 2 -6%
    PH Value 6.5 -9.0
    Test Method ASTM
    Bulk Density 0.4 -0.9
    Temperature 1000 – 1200 deg celsius
    Methylene value adsorption 190 -350 mgm / gm
    Adsorption capacity by mass 45 min

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    Industrial Applications of Activated Carbon Machine

    Industrial Applications of Activated Carbon Machine

    Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

    Foods & Beverages

    Foods & Beverages

    Gold Mining

    Gold Mining

    Odor Removal

    Odor Removal



    Petroleum Products

    Petroleum Products

    Industrial pollution control

    Industrial pollution Control

    Pharmaceuticals Industry

    Pharmaceuticals Industry

    Biogas Industry

    Biogas Industry

    Activated Carbon Plant India - Air & Gas treatment

    Air and Gas Treatment

    Activated Carbon Applications - Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Why Choose Our Activated Carbon Machine?

    Why Choose Our Activated Carbon Machine?

    Affordable Pricing

    As the leading activated carbon plant manufacturers in India, We supply best quality machinery with high efficiency.

    High Production Machines

    We use verified materials to manufacture activated carbon production line machinery for high productivity.

    100% Customer Support

    Our team of technical experts are well knowledgeable in manufacturing top quality machines.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of the machine may vary according to industrial markets. Firstly set up your business plan and talk with our experts to get a free price quote.

    • Granulated Activated Carbon.
    • Powdered Activated Carbon.
    • Pelletized Activated Carbon.
    • Activated Carbon Cloth.
    • Wood-Based Activated Carbons.

    Micro Fab Engineers is the one-stop solution to get high-quality activated carbon making machine  and services with quality spare part requirements, services/ repair, and any other necessities.

    As the leading activated carbon making plant manufacturers, we off a simple way to order. You can contact us to order or services at +91 99443 12184  or submit your requirements using the free online quote form.

    Yes, we are ready to show a live demo about how it works. In case you may find any difficulty while processing the machine, our professionals are ready to help you at your place.

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